Too glam to give a damn

I need to stop buying makeup. I refuse to give into the offers. Yet here I go again. I needed it okay. see mascara dries out quick and because it’s super bad to keep using it when it’s out of date I had to buy a new one. Now if you’re thinking wait didn’t you…

Invest in your skin

It’s going to represent you for a very long time. Whilst I was at Lush I decided instead of spending a tonne on bath bombs that, as lovely as they are,  buying a lotion was necessary. I have to put it out there, this is my first lotion from Lush and I am not upset….

The little changes

I am trying to stop splurging on makeup right now. I am trying to save up for the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette so that however much it may be I can swoop in and order it. Trying is the keyword. It is quite difficult when there’s a beauty shop in every corner. Turning away from…

Minimal Makeup

On days when I’m not feeling adventurous with my makeup and just want the basics to keep me looking alive these are my go to products.

Before I die…

In college, a group of students placed a black whiteboard in the hallway as part of a project to commemorate the Holocaust, it’s a really personal project with a really deep message. It got me thinking because obviously there were funny ones and light-hearted ones but really, what do I want to do before I die?

Vision Board -> Jan 2017

As a photography student images are really important to me so in the spirit of January goals I decided to make a vision board; if you don’t know it’s just a board to show your dreams and goals in a visual presentation. Vision boards are a really personalised for each person. I admire looking at…

11:42PM 26/01/17

I currently feel like being reborn, I am not Hindu and I am not suicidal just the thought of starting over seems really pleasant right now.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review

It’s been too long since I wore foundation. In Summer I had just gotten darker and was always sweaty so never really cared too much about it but then in Winter it was just too hard to find a good foundation that matched my skin tone because most of them were either too light and made…

Photography is, first of all, a way of seeing

I was reading ‘On Photography’ by Susan Sontag and I was just extremely marvelled at the wonder of it all. I have not heard of Sontag before but I am so glad I have now. The first chapter alone is amazing. The first few pages talk about the brilliance of photography and how it has…

The Body Shop SALE

Body shop Here’s a little splurge from The Body Shop because of the January sales. I got a tonne of great deals on amazing scents new and old so let’s go through them!! First up my favourite… spiced apple! Honestly, I just love everything about it so I bought the shower gel and body butter….

Fake it

Day 3 of 365 “If you feel like you shouldn’t be somewhere: Fake it. Do it not until you make it – but until you become it” – Amy Cuddy Today was enlightening, I had a good chat and found out that I have very low self-confidence. This is actually surprising to me because I’m…

Planning January

Day 2 of 365 As part of the restart and revamped new year I am starting afresh with my bullet journal. The older pages have been securely taped up and I’m just starting with the simple things and no fuss, there will be no index or key just whatever I feel I need for a month….